Project Work Undertaken

Across a range of technologies I've been involved in some very interesting projects over the years. I've enjoyed working with some very talented people on these projects and seeing people and businesses benefit from my work. Those projects I've remembered are documented here...

Applications and Systems

Tohu Muna Software Ltd.

At Tohu Muna we've been working on a range of R&D projects as well as real-world projects for clients. Most recently I've worked on:

Wedding Venue Website


The Chapel, Gretna Green

A new site build for a wedding venue client. Required ground-up build after client planning discussions. Integration with social networks and statistics package. Monthly statistis, tailored SEO with continuous monitoring.

Azure / C# / HTML Template / CI Systems

Clinical Trials System


Shoo Fly Plublishing & University of Pittsburgh

Redevelopment of framework and generation of new areas for a clinical trials project used in America.


My Applications

Over the course of my career I've worked to produce some interesting bespoke systems. A few of the more interesting items are listed below and, where appropriate, links are provided to downloads of the software or hosted sites.


2014 - 2015

RollerDerby.Land is a site devoted to providing information on the UK Women's Flat Track RollerDerby scene. It forms the primary information collection and delivery system for a range of information feeds which can be consumed by the partner phone applications as well as via an online account mechanism.

The system has a plethora of worker tasks under the hood collecting information from Twitter and other sources in order to provide a one-stop location for anyone wanting to know information or keep up-to-date with bout scores. Teams can sign up for free and provide bout information, match commentary and check their rank with the rest of the UK teams.

For those who wish to connect to the services, both public and pay-for feeds are available for app developers, teams who want to display informaiton on their sites or home-consumers who want to connect their favourite RSS reader.

PHP / MySQL / CRON / API Generation / Twitter Integration


2013 - 2015

ServerGrid is a small and unobtrusive system monitoring system I designed one weekend to keep a watchful eye on your server fleet (virtual or physical). ServerGrid uses a web interface to display the status of your systems and creates a simple PHP or Windows PowerShell script for you to schedule on your servers.

The system out-of-the-box requires PHP & PHP-Curl on the boxes you are monitoring (if *nix systems). If you prefer to write your own perl, python or shell scripts to send the information you can interface with the rest API.

PHP / MySQL / CRON / API Generation

Download ServerGrid


2007 - 2013

Kongreg8 is a church member database system designed to create a central repository for information on your church members. It is an evolving system having been in production since 2007. The last version of the system (Kongreg8 OS2) is a development release based on community feedback for possible new features.
It is anticipated that I'll revisit the project soon.


Download Kongreg8

SportMate Back-end services

2013 - 2014

SportMate is a mobile phone application for Android and iOS which delivers football ( soccer ) results, match events, latest news and league tables directly to the app users.

The application required redevelopment of several back-end systems for data collection and distribution as well as the creation of new news services for the phone application. It also required integration into existing services for a network of over 50,000 users.

Server Development / PHP / MySQL / XML API handling /Apple Push Notification System

CRM System


CoreVentures, part of the Clicksco group, required a ground-up redevelopment of an in-house Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) system which could encompass a variety of reporting and output features.

Creating the core application on a lightweight framework of my own design, the system was rapidly prototyped in a few weeks and built around the concept of user-controlled infrastructure. The built-in controls allow managers to create capture form fields, forms and templates which are generated on-the-fly when telephone operators engage in customer calls.

Designed into the framework are statistical metrics allowing agents to track how they and their team are doing and for managers to drill-down the information to see the performance of each team member.

Server Development / PHP / MySQL / PHPDocX / API Generation / External API Integration

Client Intranet

August 2005

Pearson-Harper required bespoke development of a Client Document Intranet to provide a repository of information for a range of clients including Conoco Phillips; British Petroleum; Anglian Water.

The system had to be constructed on top of the Microsoft IIS infrastructure available in the company and utilise the Oracle database systems Pearson-Harper Ltd. used.

Internal staff were able to publish documents and information for the clients to view. Documents were securely transmitted through custom-built streaming services I designed rather than through filesystem links.

PHP / Oracle / IIS Integration


May 2005

The Bend-It, Shape-It Company required bespoke development of a Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) system which could encompass a variety of manufacturing order features.

The system held information on customer orders; produced work sheets for the manufacturing process; created invoices for customers and sent electronic copies of orders and quotes to customers.

In addition to the ordering process I developed an e-marketing system within the CRM for BISICo. This provided the facility to email marketing campaigns to existing and potential repeat-customers.


Connexions Durham Intranet


The Durham Connexions offices required bespoke development of an Intranet system which would provide a central platform for sharing information and creating threaded discussion.

The system was designed to provide a centralised point of information for all Connexions workers in Durham. The system also required an administration system underpinning the Intranet to manage information and users.