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Post-Easter Kids Church Provision

Fortnightly Zoom Calls

Please note, as per the information sent out over email and in person on the Easter deliveries we will be changing the format of our KidsChurch provision after Easter for a while.

From the 18th April we will be starting to operate FORTNIGHTLY Zoom calls for the Voltage age-range children instead of the weekly video and Zoom call content we've been undertaking.

Please make every effort to join in with the call so we can learn, share and pray together.

Youth Department Update

We’re growing!

As we watch our children grow, we recognise that change is an important and integral part of life, and we need to embrace new ways to support and encourage our World-changers.

As part of our commitment to you we are actively looking at how our children and families are best served by what we’re providing. To that end, we are making some changes to bring in a dedicated youth department and launch our 11+ range into the next phase of fun and learning.

Youth Department

At the core of our change is to recognise that we need to understand our 11+ range requires a dedicated department that can operate as a hub for our secondary-school and college-age children. We are pleased to announce that after consultation, Matt and Becca have agreed to spearhead the new department, taking responsibility for the 11+ range from Rick and Rach ( for Wired ) and Andrea ( Catalyst ).

This allows us to dedicate energy and resource more effectively and bring a unified process for communicating with families and supporting our amazing children. All enquiries should now be directed to Matt and Becca for our 11+ youth range.

Wired and Catalyst now become YPU

The first thing you’ll immediately notice is that our Wired team and Catalyst are now changing their name to YPU ( Young People United ) to reflect a youth who are united together for Jesus. As part of this process you’ll see our Instagram feeds changing for Wired & Catalyst.

Age ranges

As we build the new youth department we are changing the age ranges to ensure a fluid movement between Kids Church on one side and Young Adults on the other.

Children will enter the YPU youth provision at 11 years old and move into Elevate when they turn 18.

We will be undertaking activities at both entry and exit from YPU for the children so that they transition well and feel supported in the process.

Weekly Activities

Our weekly activity line-up will be changing to reflect the progress we’re making:

  1. Sunday activities will now become YPU Sunday
  2. Monday activities will cease and move to YPU on Friday
  3. Wednesday Games night will remain as normal.

Family Registration Forms

Please Register your family members!

For all families at NGC it's important that you complete one of the registration forms and send it back to us for three main reasons:

  1. It ensures we keep you up-to-date with all of our latest information and include your family on pastoral visits or gift deliveries.
  2. It helps us to ensure the safety and security of your child whilst in our care ( as it includes notes any allergies, medical conditions or additional care and support requirements ).
  3. It helps us to contact you should circumstances change in regards venues or events.

We know that mobile numbers, email addresses and even house addresses change on a moderately regular basis and this last year we've encountered many bounced emails, unknown or incorrect numbers. We don't want to leave any of our World-changers out of the amazing events and activities we have planned, so it's vitally important that even if you think your details are correct, that you download and complete a form then send it back to us to make sure we really do have the right details.

The forms are available in Microsoft Office DOCX format or as a PDF depending on your preference:
Registration .DOCX       Registration .PDF

Either mail your completed registration forms to:
Kids Team
New Generation Church
PO Box 65
Newton Aycliffe,

Email your completed forms back to: [email protected]

Pastoral Care

We are here for you!

This last year has been, without question, one of the most difficult ones in recent history. It has put a huge strain on households, employment and schooling and we know the challenges faced by many of our families. We want you to know, right now, that it's okay to not be okay. We are here for you as part of God's family, to support and listen to you.

If you are going through a tough time or you just need to talk to the team, we're here to help you. God loves you and we do too - you're not on your own.

Please feel free to contact the Kids Team at [email protected]