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Thank you for dropping in to our Kids Church hub! It's been a very different sort of a year and we're all learning how to stay connected while we're staying safe. We're so grateful that you're joining us in providing opportunity for our children to keep growing in their faith in these difficult times.
To help you, we produce a range of resources which are updated each week to help our kids grow and stay connected while we're not able to meet together.


Our online resources are in the form of a video along with some worksheets for both our Tiny Sparks (0-4) and Voltage (4-11) age groups.
We are returning to venue on the 23rd May - however please note we cannot provide Kids Church facilities at the venue straight away. More information on what will and will not be available at the moment can be found on the Parent Zone Page. Please make sure you're signed-up to our mailing list on the Parent Zone Page to receive the link via email.

Latest Updates

06/06/2021 - New Content for Voltage

30/05/2021 - New Content for Voltage

23/05/2021 - New Content for Voltage

16/05/2021 - New Content for Voltage

09/05/2021 - New Content for Voltage

02/05/2021 - New Content for Voltage & Kids Church Live! Day.

25/04/2021 - New Content for Voltage.

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