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Are you a Cyberpunk from Mondo 2000 issue 10, 1993

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BSides Newcastle 2019 - From Homebrew to Cyberpunk

BSides Newcastle

Thanks to those who made it for my talk at BSides Newcastle - I hope it whet your appetite to look at the amazing way technology has changed and shaped our world and how things are moving forward.

Cyberpunk Grid Background

For those interested, here's a chronological timeline of some of the highlights from the last forty years along with some of they key points from the talk.

Chronological Tech

1980 - The 1980’s began, the ZX80 was released.
1981 we saw the merging of networks to become the Internet and IBM released their PC.
1982 TCP/IP was formalized, SMTP was released, the Commodore 64 was released
1983 DNS launches, The Apple Lisa – the first commercial computer with a GUI - is launched, C++ is released
1984 The Macintosh is introduced. Chuck Hill invents the 3D printer, Gene Dolgoff develops the world’s first LCD projector. I got my first computer!
1985 the first dot com was registered, Microsoft launch Windows, AOL launches
1986 IBM introduce AIX, Compaq introduces the first 386-based PC compatible computer
1987 CompuServe introduce the GIF standard, IBM introduce VGA
1988 Morris, the first worm was released into the wild, NeXT Computers release their flagship product.
1989 BGP was introduced
1990 Tim Berners-Lee sets up the first web server at
1991 The World Wide Web was launched, Linux is released.
1992 gzip is released, Visual Basic 2.0 is launched
1993 Mosaic web browser launches, Intel release their Pentium processor and start the first Microprocessor adverts on TV. Windows NT released.
1994 Full text search engines are introduced, Amazon launches
1995 Ipv6 proposed, Yahoo! Is created, eBay launches
1996 The first CSS specification is published by the W3C, the first commercial USB cable and port are released
1997 HTTP/1.1 is specified in RFC 2616 and released, IEEE introduces 802.11 as the wireless network standard.
1998 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) formed, DEC is acquired by Compaq
1999 IEEE 802.11b wireless network is released
2000 The Dot com bubble bursts, businesses shut down and investors panic
2001 Code Red and Nimda worms trolley systems everywhere – I start my first job in IT.
2002 HP acquires Compaq, PCI Express is approved for standardization
2003 MySpace launches, Android is founded by Andy Rubin, The SQL Slammer worm is released into the world
2004 The Facebook launches, Gmail announced, Ubuntu released, Word of Warcraft released.
2005 YouTube launches, Apple switches to Intel chipsets, Reddit launches
2006 Twitter is launched, Google announces purchase of YouTube, jQuery first introduced
2007 The iPhone was launched, Acer completes its acquisition of Gsteway
2008 The National Cybersecuriry Center is founded, Intel announce the Atom family of processors.
2009 Kickstarter launches, Analogue TV begins to be phased out
2010 The iPad was launched, First all-robotic surgery performed at Montreal General Hospital
2011 Apple release the Thunderbolt hardware interface, WebGL is released by Mozilla
2012 Google drive is introduced, Raspian Linux is released
2013 Microsoft launches the Surface Pro, Waze is purchased by Google
2014 Apple watch launches, DDR4 specification is released
2015 Amazon introduces the dash button,
2016 ICANN contract ends with US Department of Commerce, IANA oversight passes to the global Internet community
2017 Intel introduce the Core i9
2018 Information about Spectre and Meltdown are publicly released
2019 HP announce the purchase of Cray for $1.3 Billion

Quotes cited

"The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon" - George Orwell, 1984.

"A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away" - Gene Roddenberry

"I improvise. It's my greatest talent. I prefer situations to plans" - William Gibson, Neuromancer.

"The information age has been driven and dominated by technopreneurs. We now have to apply these technologies in saving lives, improving livelihoods and lifting millions of people out of squalor, misery and suffering. In other words, our focus must now move from the geeks to the meek." - Arthur C. Clarke.

People referenced

Terry Trotter, Bob Maunder, Steve Wozniak, Ed Roberts, Jim Westwood, Aliz Hammond, Hedy Lamarr, Katherine Johnson, Alan Turing, Margaret Hamilton, Vint Cerf, Bob Khan, Grace Hopper, Linus Torvalds, Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson


Here lies the presentation - { download } - enjoy!

The Video

Thanks for all who braved the cold ( yes that is my breath you can see at times ) and watched me hop foot to foot to get feeling back into my body!

Further Reading

{?} Where Wizards stay up late: The Origins of the Internet - Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon

{?} The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage - Cliff Stoll

{?} Secrets & Lies : Digital Security in a Networked World - Bruce Schneier

{?} Cyber War: The next threat to National Security and what to do about it - Richard A Clarke and Robert K Knake

{?} The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey - Emmanuel Goldstein