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Aloha, I'm Rick Trotter and I'm a DevOp practitioner (software developer and systems engineer focued on infrastructure as code) from the Northeast of England.
A previously heavy-industry focused region, Teesside is becoming a digital hub for technology companies. I'm extremely passionate about the region and promoting the best of Teesside.

Working in the I.T. industry

I've worked in a plethora of areas in the IT sector; from systems development and support, through to KS3/4 teaching and web application development.

I work in a Senior DevOp Role in Middlesbrough as part of a team looking after a large Internet-based server fleet delivering media content for the retail industry.

Training Courses:
From time-to-time I deliver courses on DevOp practices for all levels of corporate structures:

Outside the work scope

In my spare time behind a computer screen, I sometimes develop applications and tools for the open source community and undertake R&D work with friends. Sometimes I'm called on to do consultancy for other companies or institutes. Occasionally I speak at events like Refresh Teesside or the School of Tech in Newcastle. Whatever I'm up to, I'm exploring the world around me and learning new things.

When I'm not up to my elbows in server equipment or client code, I'm writing books; having fun with the family; renovating my house or making noise with guitars and drums.

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Latest posts from my tech blog...

Proton Pack Build
One of those items I have on my wish list of "things to build" has always been a proton pack from Ghostbusters. I loved the original packs from the 80's, the concept of it and the prop work was just wonderful.
Proton Pack Build

Basic Security
Another one of those items you suddenly think "I should maybe document what I do..." A quick run-down of several of the items that I do when setting up a new system of my own that are maybe useful for helping to secure your own systems if you're slinging them on the Internet or a work-based network.
Basic Security

OpenVPN Quick Setup
Until the death of a motherboard fairly recently I had an SSH tunnel setup to connect to my home network for the purposes of accessing data, checking cameras and solving issues for the family remotely. This week I carved some time out to set up the remote connection again after having rejigged the network the other week.
OpenVPN Quick Setup

Plex Media Server and NAS SMB Mount
Until recently I struggled along with Plex Media Server running on an underpowered Synology NAS unit. Whilst it worked for files of a certain encoding, it had significant issues trying to transcode on the fly. Rather than have to try and re-encode the DVD's I'd started to digitise from my collection I figured I'd give it a little bit more horsepower on a spare dual-core Intel box.
Plex Media Server and NAS SMB Mount

Saturating Home Network Equipment
Over the Christmas holidays I decided to rework my home network to segregate some equipment and generally improve my firewall / dmz pass-through. I switched from running my Superhub to my old Netgear WRT54G2 with DD-WRT running on top in order to separate lan routing and pass through to secondary firewall and wifi equipment channels.
Saturating Home Network Equipment