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Greetings and salutations,
My name is Rick Trotter, I'm a steampunk; an old-school hacker; a DevOp practitioner ; and systems engineer from the Northeast of England.
I've worked in a plethora of areas over the years ( check out my LinkedIn profile ) with a number of very successful projects to my name.
I'm a sucker for anything Victorian, especially anything scientific/engineering from that era. I'm also into my music and play a range of instruments including the CigarBox guitar.

Available for hire!

I'm currently working as a DevOp practitioner in a Server Reliability Engineer ( SRE ) role in Teesside. I've been involved in training and speaking for many years now to students from primary school age through to post-gradutates.

Interested in hiring me to speak at your event or company? Contact rick (AT) with your details to start a discussion.

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Latest posts from my tech blog...

Cheeky Solr Grabber
I had one of those moments where I needed to poll data out of Solr and realised that the nature of the query meant it was going to time out unless I ran it in batches. Due to the fact I'm rather averse to manual crap I'm busy at the moment with many spinning plates I thought I'd write a quick and dirty piece of code to do things for me in the background.
Cheeky Solr Grabber

Bash scripts and Command Hooks
Wow, okay what happened to the last few months? It has been a crazy start to the year and I don't feel like I've had any time to try and investigate new and cool things or smash around with systems and get blogging with what I've been doing.
It's been a busy time with work trying to recruit new people, push forward with updating systems and rolling out services. But one thing I have been doing lately is a lot of smashing around with Bash scripts and finding cool little flags or options in system commands.
Bash Scripts and Command Hooks

KS2 Computer Club
So it transpired that my eldest recently managed to get in to the school's limited place computer club & I somehow managed to get roped-in to helping out after offering assistance the other year. ;-)
It's been an interesting time being back in a classroom setting with all the associated flood of memories from teaching KS3 & KS4 years ago.
KS2 Computer Club

Uncomplicated Firewall
In round 2 of the "things I should probably write down that I do" here's one on setting up some simple access control rules in the linux firewall.
UFW is a simple frontend for Linux systems for quick and easy control over inbound and outbound firewall rules. Uncomplicated Firewall